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A New Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppy

Welsh Corgi Puppy
A & B Kennel
Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Breeding Quality Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Lemon/White and Black/Tan/White Tri's

Hulk and Blondie, our breeding pair of Corgis
Legend has it that these unique dogs are enchanted. In Wales, their ancestral homeland, it is said that these dogs were left by the fairies. Regardless of your beliefs in these legends, the enchanting nature of these wonderful dogs is obvious to anyone who meets them. A perfect all around dog, he can be a friend to the farmer as he is a wonderful herder of cattle and a good ratter as well. But he can also be a friendly companion to a city dweller. At 18 to 28 pounds, he fit into the lifestyle of anyone looking for the dog thats not too big, not too small, but JUST RIGHT!

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